What a year that was…

What a fantastic year it’s been…

…in January 2017, two of us started work along the towpath. We were joined the following week by another and since then the team has grown to 16 working weekly on the site, one admin person and several who have supported other aspects of the project such as: researching the genealogy of the house, art projects, storytelling and support with the open day. The project has been assisted by a board of eight trustees.

We have received significant funding for the next stages of the project and have been supported through education, health, social care and NEETS funding.

We have successfully prepared the site for the next exciting stage of the venture which will include constructing cool funky cabins with dining, catering, recreational and meeting spaces and the installation of a deluxe compost toilet.

Above all else, we have had the fortune for a wonderful, dedicated, enthusiastic, collegiate group of people to come together to make it happen. Kate Braithwaite MBE – Operations Director at UnLtd said to me: ‘a project such as Riverside House has the potential to transform the prospects of a whole community. This fantastic team has helped to begin to make that a reality, hopefully for generations to come.

With Much Gratitude to everyone for your support with Riverside House in 2017 and Wishing You all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.

Lloyd Stacey




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